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Trans Nature, TransCulture and Trans God

juni 19, 2008


Ryan is interested in the monstousness of trans bodies. He quotes Susan Stryker: The transsexual body is an unnatural body. It is the product of medical science. It is a technological construction. It is flesh torn apart and sewn together again in a shape other than that in which it was born. This got me […]

A poem I found

mars 30, 2008


                                              A Woman’s Tears                                                      By Jennifer Ann Burnett                                                                              Feb 6, 2004 I feel a drop of warm, salty fluid run slowly down my cheek.             And I realize that I am crying once again! “Oh Jennifer”, I chide myself, “Why are you crying this time?”             And as I […]

God makes no mistakes – kind of a sermon

mars 30, 2008


This was originally posted on my regular english blog. You’ll find it here, along with two very good comments. I usually avoid reading stuff that I know I’ll find repulsive, sick and frightening. I don’t think that’s unusual for any person. To make this post I felt forced to do some research. I started out […]