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april 20, 2011


Silence is the language of God, all else is poor translation. Rumi was a sufi poet. Sufism is a mystical branch of islam that in many respects is similar to quakerism, as the above quote illustrates.

What has God been teaching me?

januar 31, 2011


I got this question over at quakerquaker in response to my «Community on a Sunday«. It is a timely question, but a big one. I think this blog answers it to some extent, so I will try to keep this answer short by making a list. List of lessons learned: To trust ze* To trust […]

Quaker roots

januar 10, 2011


For the obvious facts, visit Wikipedia. The Religious Society of Friends (as quakers prefer to call themselves) emerged in the 17th century. In the preceiding centuries, Europe had seen several small groups of independant christians. The Catholic church had fought hard against this «heresy». Several of these groups were mysticists and had quite a lot […]