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The power of symbols

april 5, 2011


This picture made me so happy. It really illustrates that there is hope in this world. You can read the article about an Australian fight against homophobia and Islamophobia here.

Through the storm says it better

april 21, 2008


Just in case someone has missed it, I want to recommend his «Letter to a church»

God makes no mistakes – kind of a sermon

mars 30, 2008


This was originally posted on my regular english blog. You’ll find it here, along with two very good comments. I usually avoid reading stuff that I know I’ll find repulsive, sick and frightening. I don’t think that’s unusual for any person. To make this post I felt forced to do some research. I started out […]

A new start

mars 30, 2008


This is where I’ll write about my exploration of Quaker spirituality. Some posts will be in Norwegian and some in English. Double postings/translations will occur only as exeptions. This has two reasons: Some things are easier to explain in one language than in the other. And I want to make use of the worldwide community […]