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You will recognize me by my fruits

januar 31, 2011


Jesus tells us how to recognize his followers by their fruits. I use this as a test for my own life. What fruits come from me? Through my poems (two published books so far) I hear that people get a feeling of deeper understanding for transgendered people, themselves and the injustice in the binary gendered […]

What has God been teaching me?

januar 31, 2011


I got this question over at quakerquaker in response to my «Community on a Sunday«. It is a timely question, but a big one. I think this blog answers it to some extent, so I will try to keep this answer short by making a list. List of lessons learned: To trust ze* To trust […]

Community on a Sunday

januar 30, 2011


For several weeks, since I started the series about the Quaker testimonies, I have wanted and feared to write about community (a separate testimony with the Norwegian Friends). I have felt that before I can become a Friend, I’ll have to attend meetings for worship regularly. I am not even sure they would let me […]

God makes no mistakes – kind of a sermon

mars 30, 2008


This was originally posted on my regular english blog. You’ll find it here, along with two very good comments. I usually avoid reading stuff that I know I’ll find repulsive, sick and frightening. I don’t think that’s unusual for any person. To make this post I felt forced to do some research. I started out […]