You will recognize me by my fruits

Posted on januar 31, 2011


Jesus tells us how to recognize his followers by their fruits. I use this as a test for my own life. What fruits come from me?

Through my poems (two published books so far) I hear that people get a feeling of deeper understanding for transgendered people, themselves and the injustice in the binary gendered norms. Transpeople themselves recognize some of their own experiences in my writing and are empowered by it.

This also goes for a lot of social interactions that I am part of. My honesty helps others to be honest with themselves, with me and hopefully with others too. I listen when people, often strangers, need to talk. I talk about my faith and my calling to anyone who want to listen. Often I get feedback that my openness makes people think outside the box. I really want people to discover that of God in them. God does not exist inside a box.

I used to think that no one liked me, that I was a pain in the ass for a lot of people. That may be true for some, but it has been a very long time since I have heard it. I have also realized that sometimes you need to be a pain in the ass to stop injustice. Now I know that my honest presence make a great difference for a lot of people, most of whom I do not know.

Now that I feel safe to be who I am, I think I should get better at sharing these fruits with the people closest to me; my family and friends. They have carried me a long way. I need to be able to carry them as well. I tend to alienate them and hurt them when I don’t mean to. I want to change that.

I feel blessed to have come this far. May God guide me even further.

What are the fruits of your life?

Are these fruits for strangers or for your freinds and family, or both?

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