What has God been teaching me?

Posted on januar 31, 2011


I got this question over at quakerquaker in response to my «Community on a Sunday«. It is a timely question, but a big one. I think this blog answers it to some extent, so I will try to keep this answer short by making a list.

List of lessons learned:

  • To trust ze*
  • To trust hir love for me
  • To trust hir presence in my daily life
  • To rely on hir guidance
  • To trust that my resources are given me by God, not to waste or hide, but to use for the good of fellow humans

This list got very vague. To be more specific, God has thought me to use my skills as a writer and agitator to promote human rights for my fellow transgendered people. I held it in the Light, although alone, and felt a new peace and joy. I was able to turn my troubles into something good for others. I also have a calling to speak up for gay people in christian communities. I have seen too many deprived of their faith. To deprive someone their relationship with God, their faith, seems to me a very heavy sin.

I am blessed with a strong persistant experience of that of God in me. The world is so focused on outwardly appearance, the body, and as a transgendered man I am called to emphasise that God created (and continues to create) us as complete humans. God is the one who knew me when I didn’t know myself. Ze stayed when others left. For that I am forever thankful.

Recently God has challenged me to be patient and attend meetings for worship when I am ready. There must be something there that I need, and later something there for me to do. I am also challenged to look for that of God in everyone, something I don’t find easy.

So far I have not been challenged to stay out of confrontations. I have listened for that, but only silence came to me. I guess there are others who get the calling to be diplomats in their daily lives, and I often experience that these people are sent to me to make a balance.

I don’t think that this answers the question in full, but it is a start.


*I use gender neutral pronouns to refer to God. My conviction is that ze is not a man and neither a woman. Ze made men and woman in hir image, this means that ze must be both. This is not a pronoun just for God, but also for speaking about hypotethical situastions. Example: The teacher sould watch hir students closely. People of genders other than male and female often prefer gender neutral pronouns. Reference

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