Posted on januar 16, 2011


Another one of the quaker testimonies, and one of the hardest. I don’t think that I am justified just because I am poor. I live in one of the richest countries in the world, and my poverty is nothing compared to poverty in other parts of the world. Norway has very good social security compared to almost any other country. I have roof over my head, some economic stability and parents who occationally help me out. I have one of the winning tickets in this world’s lottery game. Even in Norway, there are a lot of people poorer than me.

I do feel that the testimony of simplicity is easier to focus on because I don’t have a lot of money to spend on luxury. I still have a lot of room for improvement, mainly as a challenge to my vanity and the level of comfort i am used to.

The materialistic simplicity is only one part of the testimony. It also challenge us to focus on the important things in our life; the people we care about and our relationship with God. I really need to improve in this. I think I need to be better at making time for both God and my friends and family. I am afraid that I all too often take them for granted.

The poetry I write is very short and down to earth. People tell me that what I write is easy to read, but makes them think and feel in new ways. I hope to keep doing that. I feel that writing is a big part of what God wants me to do. That means I have to stay away from the dangers of the writing business; vanity and self praise. I was given the gift to do God’s work, not mine. So far I am convinced that my work and God’s is almost the same, but there may come times when I will have to choose. I also feel challenged to talk about my faith anytime I can, since I don’t write about it. This blog is part of that.

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