My own prayer today: Thank you!

Posted on juni 7, 2008


Dear God. I come to you today filled with joy, happiness and thankfulness. You have given me so much more than I have deserved. All I have comes from you. I believe in your plan for me and understand that the recources you give me are neccessary. Give me courage to fulfill your plan.

I want to thank you for my friends, who are always supportive and really loves me. They are extentions of your love.

I need to thank you for your wisdom. Even when things seemed really dark and hopeless, you arranged for things to turn out for my best.

I thank you for my ability to write, to make my voice heard, to take a stand for the week. I thank you for my parents, who love me and thought me about you and your love. You’ve given me the recources to make a change for the better. It would be scary if I didn’t hav faith in you and believed that you’ll never leave me alone.

Yesterday I got my first testosterone-treatment, something I’ve dreamed about for a long time. I would never have made it without you. You’ve been by my side all the way, you are the solid ground under my feet when everything else falls apart. You are the sun that shines into my eyes and reminds me that you are so much wiser than any human can be, that you are in everything, the reason for goodness in the world.

The testosterone feels like some kind of communion. It unites me with both my own and your thoughts for me, and therefore with you. It has literally turned death into life for me. It’s also a second baptism, as I am reborn as a man, more in line with how you created my soul. I thank you for this great gift! I’ll continue to than you for it every morning when I apply the testogel with the sign of your cross on my body. You, with help from a doctor, have made me the happiest man on earth!


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