Quakers of Pride

Posted on april 30, 2008


I should’ve been sleeping hours ago. This will be my last post for tonight, I promise. I just wanted to post this wideo that I found on YouTube. It makes me proud to consider myself a quaker.

Earlier tonight, the Norwegian Student Christian Federation (NSCF) here in Tromsø (TSCF) got together to make a new banner for the first of may. For years we used to walk with one that said «Gay workers – a resource for the Church». Last year the Norwegian state church decided to leave it to each bishop whether gays could be allowed to work there. Hurra! And with the law of marriage coming up, we dacided to make a new one:

«The Church should say: YES to mutual marriage» (don’t know if the translation is right, but it implies gay marriage).

I’m proud to be a quaker, a member of the TSCF, gay and transsexual man. I wrote about pride on my norwegian blog and plan on translating it, but I guess that have to wait. Maybe when the Pride in Oslo is coming up, or EuroPride in Sweden, where I hope to keep a lecture and a workshop in writing.

Good night!

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