God in Our Transitions

Posted on april 27, 2008


Susanne Kromberg has written a post with this title. Sometimes I get something else out of a text because it’s not written in my first language, and this is a good example. I’m used to reading and thinking about transition as something that only applies to transpeople. When I read Susanne’s text, it therefore spoke more  directly to me than it would have done in Norwegian.

I also realized that her words fitted my experiences. I have God with me in my transition. I can feel His love when I’m tired of keeping my guards up towards the people who wants to judge me. And I feel His guidance on my way toward making myself come true. I can rest in faith and believe that He has a plan for me. I don’t have to make it all by myself.

When I think about it, God made a much bigger transition than I’m making, when He appeared on earth as a human.

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