A new start

Posted on mars 30, 2008


This is where I’ll write about my exploration of Quaker spirituality. Some posts will be in Norwegian and some in English. Double postings/translations will occur only as exeptions. This has two reasons: Some things are easier to explain in one language than in the other. And I want to make use of the worldwide community of Friends on the internet in the absence of regular Quaker meetings here in Tromsø.

My ultimate goal is to discover what it means to be created a man with a female body. I seek clearity of God’s will for me. I think I have a pretty good idea, but it needs to be tested. I see how a lot of transgender people loose their faith because of prejustices among christians. I feel a calling to prevent that from happening, by showing them the love of God. And I would like to do the same for the rest of the LGBT-community, but that is more of a side-effect, I guess.

I’ll start out explaining where I come from, spiritually.

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